Employee Theft

    Every year someone puts out statistics on how much employee theft costs business owners and the public. I personally do not know how they arrive at these numbers as so much is unreported and undiscovered.

    As a business owner, it is so difficult to keep the doors open... startup costs, insurance, inventory and so forth. Make sure that every dollar that comes in the door goes in the register, and not out the back door. Employee theft occurs all the time even from the most trusted management positions or family members.

    Metro Investigations, Inc. can help you develop programs and procedures to assist you in keeping the money in your pocket, where it deserves to be...

    Call today for a free security analysis!

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Process Service

    Service of legal process can have no room for error. The awarding of a judgment occurs only after good service is completed. This can, at times, contain elements of surveillance and skip tracing; both we have done for 30 years. When service is completed, a notarized affidavit of service is prepared. All is usually done within 48 hours of receipt. If for some reason the subject is not served, you will not be charged.

    All quoted fees include time and mileage, there will be no hidden charges.

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    Polygraph (a lie detector) is a valuable tool to assist in obtaining answers when no other source is available. I have to date conducted over 29,000 tests. Criminal, civil and personal are some of the uses for the test. I have polygraphed the Russian power-lifting team when they competed against the U.S. in Atlanta. I currently test for the National Association of Natural Bodybuilding Federation for steroid use. I also provide pre-employment testing for police departments and armored car couriers. Additionally, there are times when personal tests need to be conducted in the areas of marital infidelity, child molestation and abuse, and family theft.

    In the business application, the use of polygraph is limited, but not all together outlawed by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988. If you suspect an employee of theft, call for advice before you approach the individual as in some cases, you cannot even bring up or threaten them with the use of polygraph. I am very familiar and deal with daily, the polygraph law.

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