Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert T. Stover. I am a career private detective.

I have been a licensed private detective since 1973. I was fortunate to realize at an early age that this was the career choice for me. Having over 46 years in the business, I have about done it all. Starting with security for the Kansas City Chiefs and corporate security with R.H. Macy's, I familiarized myself with shipping and receiving, over the counter sales, cash control and warehousing.

I then began working undercover in a hospital emergency room, truck dock, bar, factory and office in computers. In 1974, I took up polygraph and obtained a degree in polygraph science and administration of justice. To date I have given in excess of 29,500 tests. My clients include Police Departments, Departments of Corrections, Public Defenders, and the U.S. Post Office. Tests were also administered for "personal" reasons such as marital infidelity, child molestation and abuse, rape and family theft. I have traveled the country for retail clients, and as a result of the interviews and interrogations that I conducted, I have identified and recovered millions of dollars of loss in goods and cash. These numbers can only be posted by a career private detective...

Choose a private detective that you can know and trust. Current licensing and insurance is a must. Metro Investigations, Inc. does not "farm out" work to anyone. Ask for references. I have worked a lifetime to establish mine. Confidentiality and professionalism is what you deserve as a paying client. Please view our services to see how Metro Investigations Inc. can serve you... Thank you.

KS License: D-608    |    MO License: 2010010771